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3D Environment Artists, Don't Fret! Patience is Your Best Bet!

tips and tricks May 18, 2023

 Learning how to create 3D environment art can feel like you're going on a long long trip with no end in sight. Sometimes you want to ask "Are we there yet?" 

But here's the thing: just like any journey, it takes one step at a time. And trust me, each step is totally worth it! 


 "Aztec Tomb" - Eddie Faria - 4 months from start to completion


When you start on the journey of mastering 3D environment art, you quickly realize that it's a field where patience is not just a virtue; it's a necessity. Just as a fine painting unfolds stroke by stroke, getting good at 3D design also blossoms over time.


Your Adventure of a Thousand Miles


Each step in 3D environment design, from concept and modelling to texturing and lighting, is a small part of a larger whole. Sometimes it can feel like crossing a long and barren desert; You're thirsty and tired and you just want to lay down and take a nap under a rock.

But, You can't rush to the end product without devoting attention to each phase. This process might seem tedious and slow-paced, but remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Becoming proficient in 3D environment art is a process. It's like building a wall brick by brick. Each brick laid is a skill learned, a technique honed, and a step closer to the masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.


Think of it like a video game. You don't beat the game in a single go, right? You clear one level at a time. And that's what learning 3D is like. It's a step-by-step adventure. Each step, whether you're designing a model or tweaking the lights, is like a mini-level you have to beat.


Sure, it might feel slow and dull at times, but remember, patience is your power-up here. Patience doesn't mean just waiting around. It's about knowing that every step you take, every level you beat, makes you a better 3D artist. It's your game, and you're levelling up!


Bored, Discouraged, Distracted? Let's Talk...



Hey, I get it. Sometimes, the adventure feels too long, too slow. You might even feel bored, discouraged, or distracted. But remember when you're playing your favourite game, and you hit a tough level that seems impossible? You don't quit the game, do you? No! You take a deep breath, find a new strategy, and keep trying until you beat it!


Well, learning 3D art can feel like that too. And that's perfectly okay! What's important is not giving up, and here are some power-ups to help you do just that:

  1. Score Points for Small Wins: Every small win is like scoring points in a game. Each model you finish, each texture you get right – those are your achievements. Celebrate them!


  1. Switch it Up: If a particular piece is taking longer than you expected and it's starting to feel like a grind, switch it up! Take a break and work on a smaller model that you can finish in a day or two. The satisfaction of completing something will give you a boost and make you ready to tackle that bigger task again.

  2. Stay Curious: Remember how fun it is to explore a new game, find hidden secrets, and learn new skills? Keep that same curiosity when you're learning 3D art. Keep exploring, and keep learning!

  3. Beat the Boss-Level Challenges: Tough levels in a game are what make victory so sweet. Same with 3D art. Every challenge you face is your chance to level up!

  4. Team Up: You're not alone on this adventure. There are plenty of other 3D art heroes out there, team up and join a community to keep you motivated and in the game. At Game Arts Academy we are ready to team up with you, share strategies, and cheer you on.

Time to Power Up with Game Arts Academy 


Are you ready to power up your 3D art adventure?


Game Arts Academy has got your back.


With our private Discord server, you're joining a team of fellow 3D art heroes. You can swap strategies, share your achievements, and boost each other's spirits when the adventure gets tough. You're part of a super team that gets what you're going through.


Our weekly feedback calls are like getting game tips straight from the pros. Every week, you can get advice and learn new skills from people who have already beaten the game. They're here to help you level up!


Plus, as part of Game Arts Academy, you get to unlock all our courses. From the first level to the last, every course is a new world for you to explore, filled with challenges to beat and skills to gain.


Game Arts Academy is here to help you enjoy your adventure in becoming a 3D environment artist.


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